Hungarian ISTDP Core Training with Glenn Kristoffersson and Thomas Hesslow, 2024

ISTDP Core training in Hungary, II.

The second ISTDP Core Training group starts in 2024 January, to help participants deepen the theoretical understanding and practical application of Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy.

Terápiás szövetség, therapeutic alliance

Strengthen the Therapeutic Alliance

In this free online workshop for licensed psychologists on the 29th of September, 2023, Matthew Jarvinen, PhD. presents video recordings of therapy sessions to help you to improve the Therapeutic Alliance.

Thomas Hesslow - ISTDP treatment of patients with Borderline Personality Structure

ISTDP with borderline patients

Following the successful Introduction to ISTDP in August, this online workshop with Thomas Hesslow gives an insight into how Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy treats patients with borderline personality organization.

Hungarian ISTDP Core Training with Glenn Kristoffersson, 2022

ISTDP Core training in Hungary

The Core Training is a three-year hybrid education program that aims to deepen both the theoretical understanding and the practical application of ISTDP for Hungarian clinicians.